Want your hunt to be a success this fall? Check out these these tips and essential side-by-side accessories from Textron Off Road.



A winch is a handy tool for the hunting enthusiast. From pulling out game to navigating rugged terrain and mud, a winch gives you a better shot at getting that prize trophy.


Gun & Bow Mounts

Carry your gun or bow safely and avoid damage with a special mount made for that trusty Textron Off Road vehicle.



Haul hunting supplies and precious cargo easier. Side-by-side hood racks provide additional space for hunting apparatus so the bed can be used to haul that trophy buck.



Get out to that blind or stand easier with additional lighting. Lighting not only provides increased visibility but alerts other hunters to the vehicle’s location.


Bumpers and Guards

Harsh brush, trail hazards and rocky terrain are all part of hunting. Vehicle protection such as bumpers and guards ensure they take the brunt of it instead of the side-by-side.


For a reliable SXS hunting partner this season, check out the new Stampede and Stampede 4 Hunter Editions. To keep your partner in top condition, remmber to change the oil, top off the fluids, test the battery, check the belt, and watch for tire wear.