Not surprisingly, the best turkey hunters are like the best deer hunters—and much of their success depends on smart, diligent scouting. And similar to whitetails that often bed in the same thicket each afternoon, turkeys often roost in the same trees each night. The challenge for turkey hunters is approaching these traditional roosts in the pre-dawn darkness without alerting birds.

Turkeys might not be the smartest game animal on the planet, but they could be the most nervous. If roosted turkeys hear something out of place or see something that doesn’t look right, they’ll fly down from their roost and then head away from you and your calling as fast as they can.

How can you put the odds in your favor? First, approach a turkey roost well before sunrise and do so quietly. Don’t slam truck doors and pickup tailgates, even if you’re a half-mile away. Don’t ride a gas-powered ATV or UTV near the roost. And remember: turkeys might tolerate hearing a loud, off-road vehicle during daylight, but chances are good that hearing one in the dark will change their morning movement pattern.

A better plan is relying on the all-electric Prowler™ EV—think magic carpet with a comfortable seat, room to store your gear, and important add-on accessories such as a winch, convenient light bars and gun racks/boots. With one of these stealth machines, the only sound is tires passing over gravel, and on grass-covered pasture land, even that faint sound is absent. It’s common to drive unnoticed within 150- 200 yards of a turkey roost on a Prowler EV. Then, it’s simply a matter of sneaking—quietly and out of sight—into hunting position and letting your calls lure in a long-beard at daybreak.


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