There are some pretty heated discussions that go down among the Bad Boy Off Road team behind closed doors. Who’s bagged the biggest trophy? What is the ultimate outdoor adventure? Maybe the most contentious of all — where should we go for lunch today?

One of the most passionate debates is which hunting season is the best. Plenty say springtime, when new life is spawning all around. Summer brings memories of vacations spent with granddad at the cabin rushing back. Of course, the crisp cool air and stunning foliage of fall.

But winter deserves its own special place in a hunter’s heart. It’s when the truly dedicated strap up and head out. In the winter, you don’t put up with the snow and the cold so much as you crave it. And we crave it.

Join us in celebrating. Here are five reasons that winter hunting stands out:


The Scene

No matter how you feel about it, winter is definitely the most unique of seasons. Snow covers the landscape in a blanket of white as far as you can see, making the sun reflect in startling beauty, and making any tiny movement crystal clear even from a distance. Your senses heighten and your blood rushes, even if your teeth are rattling.

The Adventure

When the conditions get tough, the tough get creative. There are hunters that turn to skis, snowshoes, sleds, snowmobiles and, of course, Bad Boy Off Road vehicles just to get to their hunting grounds in the first place. It adds another layer of challenge and excitement to the experience, one that is only available for a few months or even weeks out of the year.


The Game

Deer season is winding down, but there are so many other options at hand. This time of year is perfect for other great hunting opportunities, like wild boar in the hills of Tennessee or the challenge of luring snow geese across Missouri marshes. It’s also a great time to keep your skills sharp by picking off squirrels and crows, to stay ready for a bountiful year ahead.

The Chase

Thankfully, nature gives us a leg up as a reward for braving chilly temperatures in the winter. Anyone who’s tracked fresh hoof prints through crunchy snow will tell you it’s an absolute thrill. If you’ve wounded your prey, a trail of bright red blood sending steam up from the pearl-white landscape stands out like a sore thumb. Winter heightens the senses and turns any hunt into a memorable experience for the whole crew.

The Serenity

You’re much less likely to run into a crowd when the temperatures start to dip below freezing. Likewise, many animals have left or are hiding, so the peacefulness of being alone with nature has time to set in and marinate. There are fewer leaves on the trees; less running water to break the silence; maybe best of all, no annoying insects. Besides, your game might be conserving energy in the cold, so when you come up on it: jackpot.

If all that isn’t enough to make you eager to trek into the snow — hey, spring is right around the corner.

Which is your favorite season? Share your thoughts on social media to make your voice heard. And don’t forget to explore our special financing offer this month on all Stampede and Stampede XTR models, good until February, 28, 2017