The holiday season is upon us. Hopefully you were good enough this year to get that new off-road machine of your dreams. Did you proactively take out the trash and clean the garage? Or, maybe you still have some work to do. If that’s the case, never fear. We’ve got the perfect ways for you to get that special someone on board.  


1.     Go on a Strategically Located Dinner Date


What better way to show your better half a good time than a nice dinner? Maybe Italian. Or sushi. Just make sure it’s right across the street from your local Textron Off Road dealer. Once the appetizers arrive, you can casually glance over at the showroom and say: “Wow, is that a Wildcat XX™?” You’ll be having such a good time together that their natural response will be, “You should really get one of those.”


2.     Go (Extreme) Camping


Maybe your loved one loves the great outdoors? Perfect. A camping trip would be very romantic. Just make sure there’s a great view of off-road trails nearby. You can both be roused from your tent in the morning by the sound of airborne side-by-sides. Surely, you’ll both have a great conversation about how that could be you out there—if you had the right ride, that is.


3.     Redecorate the House


If either of those backfire, this one is sure to work. When that partner of yours is out on errands, replace all of the family pictures in your house with action shots of your favorite side-by-side. Maybe a nice Havoc™? Once those errands are over, you’re bound to hear this: “Babe, I love it, thanks for redecorating the house. But let’s get this side-by-side out of our frames and into our garage.”


Ok, maybe these three aren't at the top of your list. If you can think of a better one, post it on social media and tag @TextronOffRoad. And to those of you who get a blessing from your special someone to buy your favorite Textron Off Road vehicle, make sure to get to your local dealer before they change their mind.